Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Super Friends! Sick Days!

I'm late with this update. I've had a few sick days which, when you're self employed, actually cost money :) But I'm better now thanks to a lot of sleep, Neo-Citron and Extra Strength Tylenol!
Last week a new comic book hit the stands. Super Friends is aimed at a younger reader than might ordinarily be found in a comic shop and is based on the Mattel toy've seen a few of my "wish list" toy designs here and here. Those are not actual toy designs for Mattel but my own dream toys which which most likely never come to pass.
I'm really enjoying drawing the covers for the Super Friends and can't wait for you all to see the JLApe cover!

While I was sick I didn't spend much time at my drawing table. But all that time lying around left me itching to draw despite my I would sit in my sick bed with a pad of sketch paper and a mechanical pencil and draw whatever happened to be on tv or in my head. This is a collection of a few pages of some of my favourites. The little women are inspired by the brilliant Arthur De Pins a French artist who's work I think everyone should check out. Some of his drawings are a little "not safe for work". Though even his sex drawings are so adorably cute my Grandmother would love them.



Howard Wong said...

Hey J!

Just wanted to pop in and thank you for the great Wonder Woman Sketch I got from you during your signing at Paradise Comics.

Hope to get a chance to talk to you next time we meet.

Howard Wong

Michael Cho said...

Man, your sick bed drawings are waaay better than my sick bed drawings...

Didn't realize you were ill, buddy. Hope your feeling better soon. Been missing you at lunch lately (though, mind you, with all my doctors appointments lately, I haven't been around much either).

And of course, I'm DYING to see the JLAPES!!!

j. said...

Howard - Thanks for coming out to the signing. Great to have met you.

Cho-Daddy - Oh, I just had a little feverish/flu thing. Friday to Sunday were the worst days of just feeling "blah" and sore throatish. Still have the sore throat but I'll love :)

Your sick bed drawing of you on the I.V. drip is hilarious. At least you finish your drawings...I will probably never ink any of these doodles.


chrishaley said...

That's a sweet cover on the Super Friends there. So sweet I had to buy it. Of course, you know we need more than covers from you!
That werewolf is adorable.
Also, I know the floating baby at the bottom is holding a teddy bear, but when I first saw it, I thought it was an atomic symbol and he was some kind of baby version of The Atom.

John said...

Just checked out the Arthur De Pins site and loved the fresh cartoony feel of his artwork. Very cool.

rachelle said...

I loved Super Friends! I wish you were doing the interiors too! It's on my recommended shelf, along with Tiny Titans, and Teen Titans Year One. Basically my self looks like there's a 6-year-old working at Strange Adventures.

I liked that Aquaman saved the day in this first issue. You rarely get to see him outsmart the villain.

The really awesome thing is the number of actual kids who are buying the comic. It's exciting!

j. said...

Chris - Thanks, man. Hope you got the package I sent out a while ago! Also, that werewolf is actually a character I drew ages ago for a comic strip I worked on with J.Torres. I love that Werewolf.

John - His stuff is great, isn't it? He's got a few books out that are totally worth ordering. And a lot of his stuff is pantomime so you don't even have to understand French.

Rachelle - It's awesome that kids are buying this book. I did a store signing last week and had a few kids come in to get the book. One nice kid even came back and nervously gave me a candy from his treat bag. It was so sweet. The gift of candy, I mean. The candy was sweet too.

Working right now on Green Lantern skateboarding. Cool!


chrishaley said...

I did get that package! I wrote you an enthusiastically thankful follow up email about it, but it may have gotten lost in the shuffle.

Rich Faber said...


That Super Friends cover is cool! Can't wait to see the JLAPe cover. I actually inked the Superman JLApe Annual (over Joe Phillips' pencils) years ago, so I'm really interested to see what you guys do!

Hope you're feeling better. The flu stinks!


the doodlers said...

Oh I do love that fishnetty stockings lady with the LIPS.

We added you to our bloggy links Jason!

Arna and John

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