Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Guys With Pencils!

Hey all,
Have you ever been scrolling through the pages of this here blog and thought to yourself "I wonder what J.Bone sounds like? Is he monotone like a robot? Lilting and whispery like a poet? Does he yell like a wrestler and use cuss words?"
Well, wonder no more because I've recorded a podcast with the very funny, highly likable GUYS WITH PENCILS (aka Andrew Murray and Adam Hines - both artists you should check out). And, yes, I use cuss words.

Actually, this is my second podcast with Andrew and Adam. In my first we just talked about ME, and comics and movies and stuff. This new podcast deals with a weightier subject - Depression. I won't go into details because I want you to listen to the podcast, but I will say that I was very happy to discuss depression with the guys. I think Mental Health is just as important as physical health (in fact they often go hand-in-hand) and that we really need to remove the stigma attached to discussing mental health.

Please, if you're having mental health problems speak to a professional - your doctor. In the podcast I talk about Bronwyn Fox's book POWER OVER PANIC which has helped me greatly dealing with my own issue. Check out the link for more information about Panic Attacks and Anxiety.
The cartoon posted above was drawn after reading Eckhart Tolle's A NEW EARTH. I wish it was so easy to shed your "sad skin".



Phil Willis said...

It was a great podcast.

Thanks for being so open and honest with Andrew and Adam. I'm sure you helped a lot of artists and animators.

I liked your cartoon - and it reminded me that in some languages they don't say "I am sad" they say "I have sadness"

One defines who we are, and the other explains that we're not sad, but sometimes we just feel that way.

Looking forward to more blog posts and podcasts.


cartoonretro said...

Looking forward to listening to the interview. A New Earth & The Power of Now were life changers for me. Currently on my 5th Osho book, which I highly recommend if you want to go deeper into the concepts Eckhart discusses.
Cool comic strip, too!

j. said...

Phil Willis - Thank you. I definitely appreciate that Adam and Andrew asked me on their podcast for a fun, serious talk. Interesting point regarding different languages -- very well stated.

Shane - I pick up Eckhart anytime I find I'm dwelling on the negative. On first read I saw a lot of Tao in his ideas. I'll check out Osho. Thank you.


Andrew & Adam said...

Hey J! Thanks again for being on the Podcast! you are always welcome and we love to hear whats happening with your career and life!

All the best! thanks again!