Thursday, May 20, 2010

Winter in Spring!

Four page Huntress story by J.Torres. This is my take on the story that actually appeared in the 2009 DC Holiday Special.


cheeseslope said...

New work is always welcome (even if seasonally mis-matched)! Will this be published somewhere?

j. said...

Cheeseslope - Interesting profile name! :) Sadly, this will not be published. I think I'd like to color it myself at some point. Just for kicks.


Xavier said...

In your sketchbook perhaps? (Huntress is not that particular, could be another original character)

Anonymous said...

Great work!


I have to pick up my copies of Alison Dare later today. I ordered 'em at Barnes and Noble.

James M.

Jon McNally said...

Gah! Your drawings look so good in black and white! Not that they don't look good in color, mind you. I think you know what I mean :)

So, am I correct to infer that someone else drew the same story, which was printed in the special issue?

j. said...

Xavier - Naw...I'd like my sketchbook to have more none-work related drawings. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

James M. - Excellent! I hope you enjoy them. I really love the design work for the covers.

Jon McNally - Your inference is correct. :) And, thanks. I worry at times that my black and white isn't clear.


Anonymous said...

This version was better than the version DC ran.

S said...

great stuff JB