Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Tradition!

My annual Holiday card this year! The good thing for poor Frosty is that re-constructive surgery for him is quite inexpensive.

Have a great Holiday however you celebrate it!


James Figueiredo said...

The boy's detached expression is PRICELESS! Another great one, J - Happy Holydays to you, too!


Jon McNally said...

Gasp! Poor Frosty! :)

What a splendidly uncluttered drawing.

Happy holidays to you, J.

j. said...

James - Thanks. It's the kids these days. Nothing phases 'em.

Jon - Thanks, man. Coming from one with a gift for clear illustration, such as yourself, I'm quite flattered.

All the best, guys.

Anonymous said...

Now that's too funny! Great Illustration!

Happy Holidays!

James Madison

Brian said...

I got a christmas card this year with the same joke, but I prefer your drawing, especially Frosty's expression.

Happy New Year.

Scott said...

What program do you color your art in? It looks awesome. I am torn between Painter, Illustrator and Photoshop. I seem to find Photoshop the easiest to work in but I like the things Painter can do. Email me sometime.

j. said...

James - Thanks!

Brian - Thanks, man! I prefer mine too ;)

Scott - I color everything in Photoshop. I've never learned Painter...I think I'd get distracted by what it's capable of doing and never finish my work! I wish I knew Illustrator better so that my art was all vector based. It would make reproducing at different sizes so much easier.

Happy New Year everyone!