Wednesday, April 29, 2009


It's out on the 'net so it's now okay to show off the cover I did for the Magic of Shazam (DC comics). I always try to err on the side of caution when it comes to covers and what projects I'm working feels like I might jinx things if I announce too soon. Now, I've only done this one cover. The new team was announced on DC's website and it's a pretty spectacular gang. Franco and Art Baltazar of TINY TITANS fame and Stephen DeStefano. I can't wait to see DeStefano on art. I LOVE his stuff. I think he draws the best Mxyzptlk the DC world has ever seen!

The issue of Brave and the Bold that I'm drawing has also been I can talke about that now, too! I'm drawing the G.D. Doom Patrol!!! Holy AWESOME! And I'm drawing them in a style that feels pretty much like my own (in fact, apologies to James Tucker and the amazing group of guys working on the Batman B&B tv show but I may have strayed off-style a little with some of my artwork...I try not to but I sometimes can't help myself).



Doc Shaner said...

I love this cover! Ever since I saw your new icon I've been hoping it was part of a larger piece. Really really great stuff, and I hope you get to do more involving Cap!

Jon McNally said...

Oh, wow! DeStefano on a regular mag is a like a dream come true. I've been a fan since 'Mazing Man.

So tickled to learn of your stint on Brave and Bold, mister. Suriano's a tough act to follow or precede but you surely have stage presence to spare!

Anonymous said...

Great cover!

Doom Patrol...Good stuff! I'll definitely be picking that, as well as the Magic Of Shazam, up.

James M.

Paul Conrad said...

(I love those motion lines trailing off into drybrush land.) Looks GREAT Mistah J!

wolfboy said...

Dude; I just saw this solicitation--AMAZING!!! You are incredible. I am a huge fan.


j. said...

Doc Shaner - I tell ya, I wouldn't mind drawing him some more. I'm actually hoping, though, that DeStefano is on the book for a while. I just love his work.

Jon - Thanks, man. Yeah, Suriano is just incredible! I'd actually love to see him draw the Doom Patrol!

James - Appreciated. I can't wait to see what DeStefano does on the insides.

Paul - Thanks, man. Only another artist would notice that little tidbit :) I love when my line breaks up. The rough DC paper is good for that.

Wolfboy - I sure do appreciate the love!


Paul Conrad said...

"I love when my line breaks up."

Ha ha

Lon said...

Well as Gomer Pyle said... "Sha-ZAM!"
The lightning looks kinda like its coming out of his fist.

Seeing you do Doom Patrol as well. That rocks.

j. said...

Lon - Ha! That was my intent...Good ol' Shazam punches lightning! Literally!


Javier said...

Congrats on the Doom Patrol! Are they going to resemble your Mattel Superhero Doom Patrol?

j. said...

Javier - Hmmm...not really, actually. The proportions are in line with the cartoon show and I didn't do the traditional red and white costumes. But Cliff is quite a lot like the Super Friends version in that he's a big lump of metal and has the purple boots.


Javier said...

I think its interesting that you feel a need to draw like the current artist. After all, the current WW run features two artists who are as different as night and day when they do their issues.

I mean I understand the need to stay in the same mood as the other artist (as the book appeals to a young audience.

But what exactly are you keeping in mind stylistically, so that you can be true to the form as far as B & B is concerned, but still be true to J Bone?

Andrew Murray said...

Hey J,

Are you going to both days at TCAF? or just one?

-best, Andrew

j. said...

Javier - The main difference here is that I'm drawing a comic book based on a TV show which has a distinct look. I have room to play around slightly but not as much as an artist on a regular DC title. The fortunate thing for me is that the style of the TV show is already quite similar to my own and it's, therefore, an easy transition and one I enjoy.
Where I come in differently from the regular artist is my storytelling and panel layout. I will no doubt choose different ways to depict a scene than another artist, or have the characters "act" differently. For example (and you can find this in almost every book I've drawn) I love the Dan DeCarlo's when a character has their arm up gesturing with their hand and the pinky finger is always raised higher than the other fingers within the silhouette of the hand.

I'll have to draw it next update :)

Andrew - As far as I know I'll be there both days! And hopefully sketching both days, too.


mdtk said...

I love that cover as well. One of the best ones yet.