Monday, December 29, 2008

Rise the Demon, Etrigan!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday! To me it feels as though 2008 flew by. Last week was February, when I went to San Francisco with the Cookes and learned how to crochet (the two are, indeed, oddly linked). A few days later was summer and I rode my bike downtown for Wednesday Comic Book (aka Superman Club, aka Jimmy Olsen Club) lunch with the guys. Yesterday was Halloween and I dressed up like the Fly from the old Vincent Price movie. Mere hours ago Christmas came and went and now we're at the dawn of a new year. Incredible!

Next year I will pay closer attention to the passage of time. I'm quite convinced that my drawing table contains some kind of worm hole. Or perhaps it's the internet that steals away the days. Whatever the culprit I will find it out and slow the passage of time. This is my New Year's Resolution.



Brian said...

Love the illustration and looking forward to more great pieces just like it from your drawing board in '09.

Happy New Year.

Paul Conrad said...

I know what you mean about the whirlwind of last year...whew! Here's to 2009!

And a fantastic Klarion the witchboy!....

Outside of your SuperFriends work, are there more short stories or graphic novels to look forward to coming from you in the new year?

j. said...

Brian - Thanks, man.

Paul - I'm working on it. Right now I'm roughing out a short story for a Canadian Publication. I'll post the images on my blog once the art goes to print. Other than that...a man has dreams. But often simple procrastination keeps those dreams from becoming reality. And that's the sad truth.

This year is a new beginning, though!!!



Larry MacDougall said...

Nice drawing J.
I really like your Santa doodles too.
Super job.