Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Superman's Birthday Book!

Wednesday the 18th of November is the day Issue #9 of the Super Friends hits the stands. This is the issue with Superman's birthday celebration, the first appearance of the Super Friends' Super Baby and the first issue where I draw the interior art (as well as the cover).
I loved drawing the interiors for this issue. Sholly Fisch wrote a super fun story and I had a super fun time with it.

One of my favourite parts was the Superman Museum and Hall of Villains because I got to draw a few of Superman's greatest Foes.

Mxyzptlk turned out to be my favourite of all the favourite parts about this story. He only appears as a statue, which is a darn shame. Maybe I'll get to draw him again for another story.
If you've got a comic shop near you, and you feel the inclination, pop in and take a gander at this issue. Let me know what you thought!
Also, the dear sweet Nicole at Pageslap blogged about me and my odd new hobby! I started a new blog dedicated to my Amigurumi! Amigurumi is a fancy Japanese word that means "crochet dolls". Yup, I crochet. And I make dolls. Superhero dolls. Check 'em out at my new blog, Skein and Bones.


Andrew Murray said...

That is one sweet cover sir.

Joe said...

I'm looking forward to this issue. Any more interiors scheduled for you?

Joe said...

I've noticed that DC Kids covers are missing writer/artist credits. Why is that?

j. said...

Andrew - Thanks, man.

Joe - More interiors? Possibly. I believe another Super Friend is about to celebrate a birthday...and I'm the birthday guy :)

Not sure about the writer artist credits on the covers. I'd like to think it's because they don't want to cover up my bea-yoo-tiful drawings! I suspect it has more to do with the target audience. Kids aren't necessarily interested in who drew it, just that it's new (and that they can buy toys that look like the comic art).


Continually Spicy said...

We have a great fanbase of kids (and parents) that pick this up every month, a constant seller. I hope DC keeps this line going, it's great to have titles like this and Tiny Titans available. Keep up the great work!

rachelle said...

J, this was SO ADORABLE! Your love of Aquaman really comes through in some of those panels.

I'm totally going to blog all over this.

And I am also really glad that you have a new blog devoted to your crocheted friends.

Paul Conrad said...

J.- I'll be on the lookout for the new SuperFriends book! (did you ink/color too?)

Love the new blog- My wife has been knitting and crocheting and I'm trying to get her to make some SRM dolls! If I could get comics to be my day job, I think I'd join you in your hobby.

Best, and happy Yankee Thanksgiving to ya,


j. said...

Continually Spicy - Thanks. I'm always thrilled to hear that kids really are picking up the book. I did a signing at a shop when the book came out and had a few kids stop by. So satisfying. And adorable. They're endearingly shy about asking that strange bearded man behind the table for his autograph.

Rachelle - I try to keep things equal but somehow Aquaman ends up front and center in so many shots. He's the first thing you'll see (top left) on the next cover I'm working on...actually he's the first on this birthday issue and the Starro issue. Hmm...I'd better change things up for the next, next cover.

Paul - I inked but didn't color this issue. Colors were fantastically handled by Heroic Age. I assume they are a super team of metahuman colorists with powers of the rainbow.
Dude, your SRM characters would make excellent dolls. I know I said the same thing to Jon McNally but I do not lie to either of you. Now that I've established a pattern I can pretty much whip up all the body parts in half a day. The part that slows me down is stitching all of it together. Otherwise I'd already have made dolls based on some of yours and Jon's drawings by now.

Crochet is a lot easier than knitting, if you're considering picking up either as a hobby :)