Thursday, December 20, 2007

Seasonal Greeting Holiday Card!

This here post compiles the evolutionary sketches of this year's Holiday Greeting card. I usually like to draw a pin-up girl for the card I'll hand out and e-mail. This year my gag was a pun on "fur" with a gal in a "fir" coat.

I tried a few different attitudes for the lady before resting on a wry smile and sarcastic line to her Husband. Her fella is meant to be enjoying the little joke he's played on his lady. But somethow it all just wasn't that funny a gag to me. It's not obvious enough in that "wakka wakka" or "wah wah" kinda bad punny way that I love jokes to be. I could think about it four ways to Sunday and it still wouldn't make the gag any better (and I do use the term loosely :)

So...I went back to the first drawing I did. Yes, my first approach was two female fir trees hanging out and gabbing. It's cutesy and definitely punny in just exactly the way I wanted. That'll teach me to over think these things so much.

Happy Holidays, everyone! I hope that however you choose to celebrate you have a wonderful week and also a Happy New Year!


Jamie S. Rich said...

Wow. So Torres wasn't lying when he blamed all the bad Alison Dare puns on you? ;)

j. said...

Ha ha! It's probably true. Then again perhaps we're both equally adept at bad punning...just read any issue of Titans Go for some good bad Torres punning!



Luc said...

Agreed, the final one is bang on. They're both great though! Nice work, as always bud. :)

Drazen said...

you've taken all the mystery away! I thought it was
done my majic elves
I still love the card tho!

Dan McDaid said...

Fabulous, J. Love the blog and love your work. Happy Christmas!


Dominic Bugatto said...

Nice one , thanks.

Brian said...

They're both good, fur goodness sake.

Happy Holidays and looking forward to more sketches and bad puns in '08.

jason quinones said...

they're both great but if you were looking for the obvious immediate bad pun gag,the 2nd one nails it!

i believe the trick was probably in the spelling of the word "FIR". the conversational trees puts the twist on the word "FIR" that makes the joke hit home immediately. the "pin-up" one runs the risk of possibly getting lost in translation.

but my fave of the two would be the "pin-up". i love the look of the characters and the coloring techniques. the rough sketch of her in the 2nd pic, 2nd from left is GREAT! love her pose and expression.