Friday, August 31, 2007

Back to School!

An older image but one that's apropos for today...all over the neighbourhood parents are rejoicing and children are crying. Next week all the kids are back in school! Not that it means anything to me, personally. Not anymore. But when I was a kid I actually kinda liked going back to school. I was a nerd kid and getting new notebooks, pens and pencils was exciting. Once the school work started, though, the excitement quickly vanished.

So, about the was originally done as a pitch for an Archie-like approach to the Marvel characters. I'd been drawing a teen version of Tigra for a while and used her as the main character in the pitch (which was written by Brian McLachlan of Princess Planet fame). I think the characters are pretty self-evident but I'll still leave it up to you commenters to name them all. :)
The book never happened but it sure would have been a lot of fun.



Anonymous said...

Argh. I would have bought this.

chrishaley said...

Let's see, ya got yer MODOK, ya got yer Cap'n America, yer Wanda, looks like a Tony and a Pietro back in the back, ya got yer Tigra, yer Luke, and a Thor.
I guess that about covers it.

In all seriousness, this looks like it would have been my favorite Marvel book ever.
Didn't you have a thing like this with the DC kids also?

Paul Conrad said...

Ha! I love Modok!

Paul D. Storrie said...

The only one I can't place is the guy in the green and brown.


J. Kevin Carrier said...

MODOK with braces is awesome.

Is that Loki in the gold-and-green sweater?

Michael Dooney said...

too bad it never happened, I think that is a great idea. I could definitely see it along with the manga size books in Barnes and Noble or as a tv cartoon

Jon McNally said...

Ack! The layout and color are so spot-on!

j. said...

Chris - Me too, kid. Me too. We could always start buying Young Avengers.

Chris Haley - There was a DC version as well. It was called DCU and set the kids in a University (DC characters always seemed more mature than Marvels). Good call on the names except that Pietro is Loki. Pietro would've been wearing blue and white ;)

Paul - Special-ed Modok would have been the star of his own strip...eventually.

Paul Storrie - Totally Loki.

J.Kevin Carrier - Thanks. And good call on Loki.

Michael Dooney - I'd watch it as a Saturday Morning cartoon. They could always turn Young Avengers into a cartoon.

Jon McNally - Thanks man. Sorry I made you "ack", though.


j. said...

Oh, and just to add, from left to right: Steve Rogers captain of the football team, Wanda Miss Popular, Tony the rich kid, Tigra the new kid, Luke the cool kid, Thor the dreamboat and Loki the mischief maker. And Special-Ed Modok, the smartest dumb kid in school.

Johnny B Animation said...

haha thats swell...I love it

Anonymous said...

I love it, but where's peter parker the nerd?

j. said...

Johnny B - Thanks.

Anonymous - Pete's not an this universe :) Maybe he would have shown up in a guest star role.


CaveMatt said...

Where's Hulk? He'd cover both the nerd and bully bases.

rachelle said...

MODOK with braces! MODOK with braces!

I really love Tony Stark there in the background. And the visor-style hat on Luke Cage is pretty clever. And Thor's t-shirt.

Oh, they're all great. This should be a back-up in Spider-Man Loves Mary-Jane at the very least.

Jon McNally said...

I think PP's absence is wholly appropriate, J. Peter Parker, high school student, is nothing new. I think his inclusion'd make stale an otherwise fresh idea.

ADC said...

super cute!

Totally not something I would buy, but I would definitely flip through it in line at the supermarche!

j. said...

Cavematt - I actually think Bruce was in the pitch as a teacher, but I can't 100% remember. Naturally he'd be the prof the kids wouldn't want to piss off. :)

Rachelle - Thor's shirt was easy...but cleverer was Brian's idea that Thor should have a red back pack. Then it's like he's got his red cape without having a red cape. Cool! I did draw and colour it but couldn't find the jpeg with the back pack.

Jon - Thanks, and I agree with you. Parker should almost be a junior high kid who maybe hasn't even got his powers yet. Although it's not like we're using any continuity at all in this imaginary Marvel High world.

adc - Thanks, guy. I'm mildly insulted that you wouldn't buy my book but I'll forgive you! :)


Dan McDaid said...

J., this is really, REALLY cool. I'm sad cos I don't live in the parallel universe where this book is happening and on the shelves. Boo.

sterl said...

Hey good to see your around, hope you are doing well.
Great stuff as always.

Paul S

sTAtiC said...

Wow. Great minds think alike. I did this all ages pitch for DC, which also didn't happen.