Monday, June 11, 2007

Conventional Wisdom!

This weekend there was a comic book convetion in town! For the first time I charged for sketches which meant I could take my time and do a much better job than ordinarily...not to say that I don't try to do a good job but when you're doing a drawing in ten minutes or less sometimes things get a little wonky...especially by the 30th or 40th drawing.

So here are some of the sketches I did this weekend.
The guy who asked for this Lois Lane drawing didn't show up on Sunday. Steve Zegers, if you're somehow reading this I'll have the drawing with me at TCAF in August...after that it's up for grabs. :)

And now I'm exhausted.


chrishaley said...

These are so great.
That Lois one especially.
Please tell me you're going to be at San Diego!

j. said...

Chris - I'm going to be in San Diego.



Drazen said...

you were chargin for this stuff!?
just kiddin
great stuff

Danny T said...

The Wonder Woman is mine! Thanks J.

rachelle said...

That Captain America sketch on the blank cover is so awesome that I am going to stop making fun of Marvel and their blank variant covers.

j. said...

Drazen - Har har! Doesn't the addition of grey tone make 'em specialler? :)

Danny T - My pleasure, man. And thank your brother for all the great photos.

Rachelle - Thanks. I tried to give Cap the respect he doesn't seem to get in his own book! ;)


Jakob Westman said...

That Wonder Woman is probably the funkiest, coolest and most interesting design I've ever seen. Yay!!!

Danny T said...

No problem J. Heck, anytime we are able to taking candid pictures without being punched is our pleasure.

april said...

dear mr. j. bone, sir,

i really really like your art. i will find you in san diego and pay you monies to draw something for me. thank you for your cool blogs to read and for inking the spirit, whom i love.