Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Queen of the Jungle!

Cue jungle soundtrack...crickets the size of your hand create a pulsing background rhythm...exotic birds cry out...k-k-kaw k-k-kaw...the bass purr of a jungle cat sends a shiver up your spine...the Queen of the Jungle perches, her leonine hair remains remarkably unfrizzy despite the humid jungle air. What product is she using to maintain such body? Does she even own a hair dryer? Or know what a hair dryer is?!?

This one turned out better than I could have wanted! Could be that it's my sign and I really wanted an image that I wouldn't mind having on my wall! :) There is one part that still bugs me...and that is that her bosom looks uneven. I probably shouldn't even point that out because maybe no one would have noticed. But just in case someone does notice I want you all to know that I know.

Incidentally, I looked up some facts on Sheena, the original Queen of the Jungle...and I found out that she was the first female comic character to get her own title. She beat Wonder Woman by three months. I also love the fact that she was co-created by Will Eisner who also created the Spirit...the book on which I am currently working!



King of Hearts said...

Sultry! Even after you pointing out the breasts are uneven they don't seem that bad. Nice mane of hair on her!

Anonymous said...

OMG! This is so unfair they get a jungle themed character and we get a beach one. I honestly am praying to my god/godess to force you to make a male jungle one too. This lady one is very very good indeed. Please make a man one too!

j. said...

King of Hearts - Thanks, guy. I was thinking she should be played by Angelina Jolie!

Anonymous - Oh, the King of the Jungle is done. Never fear! Glad I can inspired such excitement and prayer. Prayer is always good! :)


Brent Schoonover said...

As much as I love the woman, I love the background even more. I love the texture you put on the ripples of wood, great!


Brian said...

Beautiful and you don't even notice the breasts . . . being uneven that is.

Michael Cho said...

Wow! This one's the best one yet -- I absolutely love the sultry expression on her face. Gorgeous, dude!

j. said...

Brent Schoonover - Thanks, man. I think this is one of my busiest backgrounds (it's my own sign so I kind of played favourites here :) I thought it was funny that the vine she's holding is like the animated part of a cartoon background. All of the background is painted except fot the "secret hidden door" which is coloured on an animation cel! See Scooby Doo for awesome examples of same!

Brian - Didn't notice the breasts? You're a leg man, then? ;)

Cho - Thanks, guy!


Drazen said...

i'm mentally weighing the breasts in my cockroach
bitten hands and I'll bet my Pith Helmut
theyre pretty damn even!

super duper work!

rich dannys said...

Homina-homina.. Those are some RIPE melons!!

Yeah, her Right one looks a bit off.. But it kinda works, too.
Actually,-- somethin' about her Left Leg/Foot bothers me..

But you know ME.. I always gotta have somethin' to bitch about! hah

j. said...

Drazen - Dude, maybe if you washed your hands after you eat cockroaches wouldn't keep biting them! Also, if I were a betting man I'd raise your Pith Helmet and bet you a banana hammock...thus adding to your metaphorical, off-colour joke! :) Pip, pip!

Rich - Picky, picky, picky! I think what it boils down to is that her left melon is pinted and her right one ain't.

Thanks guys,

Paul Conrad said...

Dang J., that's SMOOTH.

Mike Thompson said...

Great work, J. Lovely as usual.

DAVID. said...

WOA... Beautiful work. I like it... I like her too!!!!

Drazen said...

I fold , don't want to lose my coconut codpiece out
here in the jungle.

hey just killin some time off colour like till the next
Bone masterpiece!

Milo said...

She really reminds me of Rashida Jones from "The Office". It's funny because Steve Carrel calls her "exotic looking" in one episode. hee hee.

Anyway, this drawing AND Rashida Jones are HOT. Good work. :D

doonboy said...

these are great, love the colors

Calavera Kid said...

these all are gorgeous jay!

this lastest she-devil takes me back to a time when it was all about tanya roberts and the movie sheena, queen of the jungle...

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