Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wonder Woman Pencils!

This may seem awfully backwards but after last post's detailed description of colouring I thought I was asked to create an equally detailed article on inking. I won't be doing that today! :)
But what I will do is show my roughs and the final pencils.
These were drawn fairly small...about 5.5" by 4" in pencil first and then loosely inked. I had several variations on poses and composition, chose these two as my favourite and scanned them in. Finally choosing the bottom drawing as the better of the two I re-sized the image for 9"x12" paper and printed it out in blue line.
Then I just started pencilling. You can kinda make out some of the blue line under my grey pencil. This method has saved me so much drawing time in that if you make a mistake or don't like something you've done you can erase the pencil and your blue print-out is still underneath. The keen among you might notice that some of the statues changed in the inking stage and a completely new one springs up behind Wonder Woman's sword. Speaking of swords...I embiggened the Gorgon's sword before inking, as well.

Tools - I draw with a regular old HB pencil (Papermate Mirado Classic #3) on Strathmore Bristol Vellum finish.



Dominic Bugatto said...

That last pencil drawing kicks!

klahd said...

You forgot to mention Step #1: Become a super-duper awesome drawer!

These are very helpful. Thanks.

King of Hearts said...

Print out as blue, eh? Cho briefed me on the process of that before but it didn't work. What colour is the linework when you make it a blue that the scanner won't pick up?

Also, your Medusa drawing rocks.

Marcelo Di Chiara said...

Beautiful work J. I´m a big fan of your work, it´s very nice to see the W.I.P.


Jake said...

Become a super-duper awesome drawer!
I keep my socks in a super-duper awesome drawer!

j. said...

Dominic - Thanks, guy!

Klahd - Aw, shucks...

King of Hearts - You have to scan in black and white for the blue to not-read. It's my next tutorial!

Marcelo - Thanks for dropping by! I'm a big admirer of your work, as well! I dig the Spidey drawings you've got on your blog.

Jake - I hope you pay the guy for holding your socks. Is he, like, your sock mule or something? :)


Uloo said...

[awestruck silence]

King of Hearts said...

Sorry J, what I mean was when you print out your drawing to ink it (that you've converted from black and white to blue line drawing in Photoshop)what colour is that blue line? 20% cyan? 15% cyan/5% yellow? Which ink level hides it from the scanner's eye? Some blue tones will be too dark and be picked up as black.

chris chua said...

dude, you are one talented sunofagun!!! Thanks for posting your process too. Cant wait to see more from you.

Joe Foo said...

I saw the finish on the DRAWINGBOARD, and was amazed. Until I saw the beautiful pencils for this one! Thats amazing!