Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas Virus

Okay...firstly this is the image used on Paul Dini's wedding invitation. His new wife, Misty, is a magician and her bride's gown is designed after her onstage costume (more or less). I love working with Paul and getting to do his wedding invite was such an honour.

The monkeys are Paul and Misty's "children" They even have their own website where they record their many misadventures.

Secondly, I got a G.D. virus on my computer only just last week. It's been wreaking havoc with my online business. I still don't trust my computer enough to check my e-mail (even with five different virus protectors running at the same time). I took the chance of logging in here but if my stuff suddenly disappears or you're invited to downloaded anything be's the virus talking.

Happy Holidays everyone! I wish I had a Christmas image to put up!



Doug Leake said...

Viruses suck! You should have got a Mac! I keep telling you but you won't listen!

Merry Christmas by the way!

Steve Daye said...

Awesome! Simply awesome!

j. said...

Mac! Mac! Mac! I listen. I just don't do anything about it! Ha!!

Merry Christmas, guys. And congrats on the move, Steve. That's wicked awesome!


Steve Daye said...

Thanks J. and Merry Christmas to you too!

PEPE said...

Gorgeous Work!!!

Drazen said...

Nice work J!
poor kids and your viruses.